AJ vs. Ruiz 2 - Promos | Post Production


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AJ vs. Ruiz 2

The Brief:

SPS were asked by Sky Creative Agency to provide editing & audio post on a 60-second promotional ad for Sky Sports Box Office’s AJ vs. Ruiz 2. The brief was to create an edit that built excitement and drama around the comeback of Anthony Joshua after his first shock defeat against Andy Ruiz.

The Solution:

We selected an experienced editor and audio dubbing mixer that could reflect and balance the trauma of AJ’s June 1st loss with his journey to redemption. Our team combined long and emotive shots of the deep water tank with an emphatic sound design to encapsulate the immediate moments after his loss and build momentum around the start of his comeback trail.

The promo was turned around in 2 weeks, edited in Premiere Pro, audio mixed in DaVinci Fairlight, delivered for transmission on Sky Sports in December, and repurposed into a new ‘victory’ promo that garnered millions of views on social media after the event.

The Team:
Jeff Collins - Editor
Simon Hitner - Audio

StereoAudio Format

HDVideo Format

“From the start, SPS showed that they understood the mood and tone of the piece and the team’s eye for visual storytelling ensured the uncomfortableness of sinking almost becomes unbearable to watch and the haunting sound mix created the classic ‘heroes’ return that we were after.”
Chris Kirtley

Director, Sky Creative Agency