Phil Taylor: The End Game - Promos | Post Production


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Phil Taylor: The End Game

The Brief:

SPS were asked to create a fitting tribute to Phil Taylor in the leadup to his final appearance at the World Championships. The promo was to celebrate his 25 years of achievement as arguably the greatest darts player of all time. The brief was to compile a trailer encouraging viewers to walk with Phil Taylor one last time. This was part of a wider campaign of documentary and teaser content.

The Solution:

We chose an editor with years of experience and a detailed knowledge of darts. He sourced and reviewed archive material, selecting the pivotal moments of Phil Taylor’s career and organised the footage chronologically. He then set about recreating Phil’s iconic walk-ons through the ages. Reusing and manipulating 4k footage of actors, he linked the old and new by matching outfits and tied the trailer together with a carefully chosen music track and famous commentary grabs. He conformed, graded and audio mixed in Avid before delivering in HD.

The Team:
Jeff Collins - Editor

StereoAudio Format

HDVideo Format